Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What Are They Teaching Chuck Schumer In Those Government Schools?

By Chris Rossini

Chuck Schumer tries to lay down some knowledge:
“I think if Thomas Jefferson were looking down, the author of the Bill of Rights on what’s being proposed here, he’d agree with it. He would agree that the First Amendment cannot be absolute,” Schumer said.
You see, this is what happens when you don't eat your Michelle Obama approved Kashi for lunch!

No, Thomas Jefferson was not the author of the Bill of Rights. As a matter of fact, when the 1787 Coup in Philadelphia was taking place, Jefferson was shipped off to France at the very same time (wink, wink).

It's always amusing too when people like Schumer even mention the Bill of Rights. It's nothing but flimflam; and this time, he just happened to make it obvious.

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  1. here's a great story. I was just at John Jay College for the graduation. Chuck Schumer was there and he offered a gift to everybody. A tax break on there income tax. So nice of him to give us some of our own money and each other's money what a wonderful guy. Also he decided that anyone making about 200,000 well... Quote good for them

  2. 1787 coup? Sounds like you do not understand how the Constitution was ratified. It was drafted in 1787. It was sent to the states for ratification in Sept 1787. Extensive debate ensued and every state but North Carolina and Rhode Island ratified the Constitution and created an indissoluble union. The first Congress drafted the Bill of Rights to get North Carolina and Rhode Island on board.

    1. "Indissoluble" indeed. You've often been asked to provide the verbatim indissolubility citation found in the Constitution. But since you never deign to respond, we must presume your well-worn copy is as silent on that topic as everyone else's.

    2. Hey moron its a coup because there was no charter from Congress for the delegates who created the Constitution to do anything but propose modifications to the existing Articles of Confederation!

      The delegates met in secret and drafted the Constitution in secret lest the public catch wind of the fact they were going to totally trash the existing governmental structure. If the public knew what they were doing, likely an armed mob would have drummed them out of town!

      Hence, since they acted beyond the limit of their authority, it WAS A COUP!

      I guess you are pretty damn ignorant yourself statist troll!

      OBTW even with the foisting of the Constitution on the people illegally, there never was any such idea of a "indissoluble union" when the Constitution was "ratified". The numerous pre-war Northern editorials arguing to let the Southern states leave the Union are ample evidence to this fact (along with about a billion other quotes from pre-Civil War political and public figures).

      The "union" became "indissoluble" only at the cost of 1 million lives sacrificed at the alter of central government tyranny. So I guess in your world "Might makes right."

      So not only are you historically ignorant (or a bold-faced liar) but you are also morally bankrupt and a sick, psychopathic freak who craves violence against innocent people in order to appease you Statist God!

    3. Uh, no. In 1787, the states intended to improve the Articles of Confederation so they called a Constitutional Convention. At that convention, the representatives replaced the Articles with the Constitution. It is arguable whether they had the authority to do that or not.

      Reading, it's not just for Austrians anymore...

    4. The troll regurgitates the myth propagated by his 5th grade social studies teacher - in a government school, no less. No conflict of interest there, eh JW?

      What statists either don't know or don't want others to know was that the convention's sole charter was to modify the existing Articles of Confederation, not to throw it in the trash can and start over.

      In fact, several of those who went as representatives from their respective states saw what was going on and went back home, either because they felt it improper or out of disgust for what was taking place.

      It was a bloodless coup, but you're not going to hear that inconvenient truth from trolls.

    5. Re: Jerry Wolfgang,

      --"ratified the Constitution and created an indissoluble union"--

      No such thing is mentioned in the Constitution nor is its stated purpose, unless you want to argue that "more perfect union" means "you'll have to shoot your way out of this one."

  3. Indeed, TJ was not the author of the Bill of Rights, not that Senator Chuck cares much either way. Also, I found this at Wikipedia:

    "Jefferson wrote to Madison advocating a Bill of Rights: 'Half a loaf is better than no bread. If we cannot secure all our rights, let us secure what we can.' "

  4. Wow... no, Jefferson did not write the bill of rights. That's like claiming George Washington wrote the U.S. Constitution. Complete ignorance of history, coming from our elected leaders who have sworn an oath to uphold the document that they know nothing about. Madison introduced the Bill of Rights, but initially didn't think we even needed them. His reasoning was that each state had their own Bill of Rights in their own state constitutions, and the states were not giving up their sovereignty by ratifying the Constitution. Since the Constitution specifically laid out only what the Federal govt could do, he thought no additional protection was required. It was only because Anti-Federalists like George Mason would not ratify the Constitution w/out a Bill of Rights that they were added; famously saying he'd rather cut off his own right hand before signing the Constitution. Credit to Tom Woods' excellent Liberty Classroom. Perhaps Tom could send Chuck a free subscription so he can re-learn real history.

  5. @ Jerry. "Indissoluble union". Indissoluble? What kind of an agreement is indissoluble? Who signs such a thing?


  7. Charles Schumer, J.D. Harvard Law School, 1974. Need I say more?

  8. re: Schumer, did he really get a perfect score on his SATs?