Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Rare Look Inside George W. Bush's Texas Ranch

The August issue of Architectural Digest showcases the Texas ranch of former President George W. Bush, called the Prairie Chapel Ranch. It is 1,600 acres big.

AD reports:
To answer the couple’s desire for indoor-outdoor living, many of the windows are also doors that open to covered terraces and walks, buffalo-grass lawns, and the tree-shaded swimming pool. When the doors are flung wide, the home becomes a veritable pavilion, capturing passing breezes and filled with birdsong. The configuration also reduces the need for internal corridors—often the Bushes navigate the place by strolling out one door and in through another. "It’s slightly motel-ish, but we love that," Mrs. Bush says lightheartedly.
If you ask me, Saddam Hussein had better taste.

An AD slideshow is here.

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  1. I love the open design. I have been thinking of how I would build my home (one day, I hope) and W's home design has some aspects that I want for mine. The indoor-outdoor living concept is huge with me. I am a sunshine person. I gotta have sun and feel its warmth on my skin and got to have lots of sunlight in the house. No night-time artificial lighting outside. I would have built the house right next to the lake, where I could jump into the lake from a very deep porch -- no need for the pool.

    The decour ... that is for my wife to decide. My preference is to be Spartan.