Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Women and Tipping: It's Worse Than Just Lesbians

A friend sends along this comment in response to this post, The Lesbian Problem in Boston.
Funny!  I started laughing before I opened it--just reading the title.

Sounds like a federal program is needed in order to rectify this disparity.

As a former bartender, I can say that women in general suck at tipping; in groups, they'll order one drink at a time--at which point I would often walk away, letting them know I'd be back when they'd figured out what they were doing; rarely, if ever, would one order a round for the group (again, that one at a time thing...), pick up the tab, and then tip.  So, yes, agree--as a woman who bartended for years, I can say that women suck at tipping in "mixed" bars, so working in a lesbian bar?  What's the point?  On so many levels..

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