Sunday, July 27, 2014

"I Want You to Write 'FBI' in Big, Bold Letters."

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown tells a story:
The revelation in the Matier and Ross column that the FBI sting operation made $20,ooo in phony contributions to Ed Lee's 2011 mayoral campaign hit close to home.
They did the same thing to me when I was Assembly speaker.
In my case, an undercover FBI agent approached one of my aides with a $2,000 contribution - all in crisp $100 bills.
The aide, Karen Sonoda, had no idea the guy was an FBI agent - he was posing as an economic development man. But she did know the law, and told him, "You can't make a contribution that way."
She walked him across the street to a bank and had him take out a cashier's check, and fill it out with his name and address.
When the operation was revealed a few months later and a couple of legislative staffers were convicted, she saw the undercover agent's fake name in the news coverage.
Mortified, she came to me and said, "I took a contribution from these people and I reported it under what was a fake name. I'll return the check and resign."
I was both stunned and angry - not at her, but at the FBI.
"First off, you are not resigning," I said. "But you are going to amend the filing report, and where it lists the source of the funds, I want you to write 'FBI' in big, bold letters."
And I kept the money.

More Willie Brown here.


  1. The press may love him, but a lot of us never did.

  2. Perfect. The FBI is just the domestic Stasi. May they burn in Hell for their iniquities.

  3. Just watched the documentary The Newburgh Sting about FBI entrapment. Very telling how low they will stoop.