Sunday, July 27, 2014

Krugman To Obamacare Minions: 'You Have To Want It'

By Chris Rossini

Here's what Paul Krugman is resorting to these days when describing Obamacare:
Government programs, like Obamacare, can work if the people running them want them to work, and if they aren’t sabotaged from the right. (my emphasis)
Even if every person on Planet Earth "wanted" Obamacare to work, it wouldn't make it so.

Obamacare's failure will also have nothing to do with the Republicans. They're erroneously painted as opponents, when they're really nothing but accomplices.

Obamacare will be "sabotaged" by the one thing that has sabotaged every government scheme and empire throughout history: Economics.

You'd think a Nobel Prize winning economist would be able to understand that.

Krugman doesn't.


  1. Krugman is admitting a lot here, as well as exposing his participation in the liberal dilemma.

    He's saying the programs rely on the good will of men. His argument against the market is based on the bad will of men. I'm sure Krugman would say if every business man had a good liberal conscience, the world wouldn't need regulation.

  2. Krugman may understand, he may not. His understanding is irrelevant. He doesn't get paid to understand. He gets paid to produce intellectual support for government (team D specifically) policies, programs, etc. So that's what he does. He does what is in the best interest of Krugman.

  3. You must believe in magic, for it to work.

  4. I believe my motor that runs off good intentions will power the world AND cure monkey butt.