Sunday, July 27, 2014

Steve Wynn's Las Vegas Stories

Las Vegas resort magnate Steve Wynn sat down with Peter Robinson and told the story of how he arrived in Las Vegas, bought a small stake in a hotel, and built and empire.

These are great stories and good lessons for young entrepreneurs. Wynn plays down his early success as luck, during the interviews, which is too bad. The truth is that Wynn was a young hustler and, because he didn't stop hustling, he found himself in many situations where he got "lucky." If he wasn't out there hustling, the "luck" would have never found him.

It is, for example, quite interesting that Howard Hughes, who never sold anything, sold Wynn a small property. BUT this didn't occur until after Wynn helped Hughes, by going to shareholders, acquire a much more important property.

The video is here.

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