Sunday, July 27, 2014

See Spider-Man Punch a Cop in Times Square

I found a couple of things interesting about this clip. First, NyPo reports:
It had been just another routine day of bedlam at the Crossroads of the World, with crowds of costumed characters shaking down tourists for cash — until Spidey came out swinging in a caught-on-video outburst.
The..comic-book creature had been demanding $10 from tourists who wanted to pose for pictures, ­police said.
“Fives, tens, or 20s only,” he allegedly demanded.
It was at about 2 p.m. when a cop overheard the outrageous prices and confronted the superzero.
That’s when the angered arachnid went anarchic, sources said.
Asked for ID, Spidey spewed venom. “F–k you! This is none of your business,” he allegedly seethed, tearing off his mask.
So what is the new rule, if we don't like what someone is asking to be paid, we can take them down? If we don't like what cops demand for pay, can we take them down?

Second, I find the "effort" by the politically correct, undersized, over-matched female cop hilarious. We should demand more politically correct types in all of government. Maybe some that don't even speak English---and I would like to see it very hard to fire these people.



  1. Is this a false flag? Is it legal for NYPD to conduct a "drill" in public, putting an NYPD employee in a Spider-Man costume, then "arresting" him in front of an audience to make themselves look heroic?

  2. I'm going to play Devil's Advocate here. Sometimes these panhandlers pose for pictures before discussing a price, and then very aggressively and obnoxiously harass unsuspecting tourists into giving them money for the pictures.