Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Voting: The Great American Deception

By Chris Rossini

Cass 'Nudge' Sunstein unintentionally explains how the bird of prey utilizes the 'sacred right' called voting to bamboozle American citizens:
Whenever American voters elect a new president, they choose someone who is, along a critical dimension, the antithesis of the incumbent. The Incumbent Antithesis hypothesis, as I’ll call it, fits recent history, and it may be correct.
Sunstein isn't precise enough. He should say: American voters elect what appears to be the antithesis of the incumbent. Every 8 years (sometimes 4) it's time to 'throw the bum out'. Miraculously, the non-incumbent is portrayed as an angelic savior, who will rescue America from the incumbent tyrant.

Like clockwork, Americans go gaga for the deception. They get out there and rock the vote! When the angelic figure takes the throne, in what is always called the most important election of our time, literal tears pour down the cheeks of the most naive citizens, while goosebumps visit many of the rest.

Another victory for democracy! The winning voters are 'proud to be Americans, where at least they know they're free'!

And yet....Sunstein writes:
Insofar as the Incumbent Antithesis hypothesis applies to two-term presidents, it can be linked directly with another pattern, which is that presidential approval ratings plummet in the second term.
Of course approval ratings plummet!

No matter who is elected: the military empire expands, the police state expands, the welfare state expands, the money is debased, the executive is strengthened....freedom is lost!

The U.S. government is one entity, and it has the voting deception mastered.

The U.S. bird of prey lives on a strict diet of freedom. It eats nothing else and its insatiable hunger is not satisfied with American freedom alone. It'll also consume European freedom, South American freedom, Asian freedom, etc. etc. etc.

Most Americans haven't grasped this yet. Come 2016, they'll predictably fall for yet another round of it's time to 'throw the bum out'.

Chris Rossini is author of Set Money Free: What Every American Needs To Know About The Federal Reserve. Follow @chrisrossini on Twitter.

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  1. I picture a group of DemoPubs at some discrete resort every 4th May flipping a coin...