Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Americans For Prosperity: How Serious Are They?

By Chris Rossini

Americans For Prosperity (AFP) is obsessed with ending the Export-Import Bank. Day after day....constant tweet like this one:

Ok. I have no complaints with that. Shut the Export-Import Bank down. The Sun will shine brighter and the birds will chirp louder.

But my reading of AFP's constant harping on the Ex-Im Bank is that this is more of a political stunt, rather than a sincere desire to get rid of rampant cronyism, moral hazard, and "privatized gains and socialized losses". If AFP really and truly desired these things, it would obsess over The King Enabler -- The Federal Reserve!

AFP would spend less time on the minnows, and focus on shooting the whale!

Does AFP want to shoot the whale? Obviously, I wouldn't be writing this if they did. I did some quick Google searches to see how often "End The Fed" is mentioned on AFP's website.

Brace yourself:

Zero hits!

No "End The Fed" talk at the Koch-funded AFP.

Compare that to the number of hits for "End The Fed" on the following sites:

LewRockwell.com - 966 hits
EconomicPolicyJournal.com - 859 hits
Mises Institute - 674 hits

That's called shooting at the whale. 

That's a sincere desire to put an end to the problems that AFP purports to be against.

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