Sunday, August 31, 2014

An Open Letter to Ron Paul

Dear Dr. Paul,

You denied the payments and offers of payments to Kent Sorenson in an interview with Chris Wallace on national TV:

You were wrong that day.

So what else are you missing that's been going on inside the machine that Jesse Benton, Doug Stafford, John Tate and Mike Rothfeld - Ron Paul, Inc. - built "for you"?

Or was it really built for them?

Who knows what will come out next in the Ron Paul scandals?

Did Rothfeld and Guy Short negotiate a truce between the Paul and Bachmann campaigns right after the Sorenson switch?

Did this reported negotiation avert dueling FEC complaints because both campaigns knew Sorenson was being paid by the other under the table? What do the emails and text messages show? Hello NSA?

What I want to know is whether or not Steve Bierfeldt, the former Executive Director of RPI, was right when he asserted back in late 2012 that there was a pay off of hush $$ to cover up a sexual harassment complaint against Dimitri Kesari, your RP for Prez 2012 Deputy Campaign Manager.

(Was that why Dimitri Kesari was suspended for a time from the campaign in mid-2012? )

If so, were the hush $$ laundered through the campaign in a way similar to the secret payments to Kent Sorenson? Was it another series of sham payments to a "campaign vendor" that were then forwarded to the complaining party?

Last year (2013) I sent you the memorialized text message exchange I had with Steve Bierfeldt along with other evidence of your staffer's inappropriate behavior toward others.  Did you do anything about it?

I didn't want my contributions to RP for Prez 2012 diverted in this manner to fund this sort of nonsense.  If true, it is a fraud on your grassroots donors and supporters.

What did John Tate know?  What did Mike Rothfeld know?  What did Jesse Benton know?  What did Fernando Cortez know?  (Isn't Fernando an old friend of Bierfeldt's from his LI days?)

Now that the financial records are opened in the ongoing scandal investigation, every expenditure to so-called "vendors and consultants" should be scrutinized and chased down vigorously.  Prove to the grassroots donors they were legit!

Why should grassroots Ron Paul donors have been conned to pay for hush money to cover up sexual harassment allegations?

And why should grassroots Ron Paul donors have been conned to pay for power mongering consultants to insult them in emails by calling them Ron Paul "sheeple" and "Cwazy Wabbits"?  (See the EPJ post on this.) Will you, Dr. Paul, defend them or will you defend the Ron Paul, Inc. machine that hijacked your 2012 Prez campaign for what was obviously their own agenda? These "clever" operatives clearly used their insider advantages to help stop your name from being put into nomination in Tampa in 2012.

Remember, as one of the infamous senior advisors to you and Rand Paul likes to say, "The goal is to take power!" And by that he means over you, over me, and over our families.  And he has no necessary self-interest in your well being or your family's well being.  But he is "worshipped" and called "guru" by his sycophants in politics in Virginia and beyond.

And for this big-name, powerful Virginia-based political operative, electing Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 was what he wanted for his agenda and his business.  And you paid him big $$ while he advocated just that in seminars and teach ins across America.  (Wow!  What a deal.  Get paid by Ron Paul while telling grassroots activists that voting for the election of Barack Obama is the principled thing for conservatives and libertarians.)

Dr. Paul?  Are you hearing and seeing what these arrogant, power-grasping operatives have done?

I gave Benton 6 months to come clean and take responsibility for the actions of his subordinates in your campaign.  I gave him the benefit in spite of my doubts about him.  After I waited his only response was to insult me.

I have heard some speculate that you must know about all this.

Others say you are a saintly old grandpa living in a fog who has put his personal and professional responsibility into a blind trust.

I don't know what to believe.

Please get to the bottom of this on your own initiative.  Don't wait for the DOJ to do it.

Take back control of C4L.  Some won't like this, but I say we need its voice, its resources, its grassroots energy added to the foreign policy debate this country desperately needs.  Who is stopping that from happening, you or Ron Paul, Inc?


Dennis Fusaro

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