Thursday, August 28, 2014

How to Beat Price Inflation

Paul Krugman and other inflationists are know to shrug off increases in food and housing costs when they consider whether there is price inflation in the system, so here is a guide, via ZeroHedge, on how you can beat price inflation by eliminating the things Krugman eliminates when considering inflation:

 1) Don’t go to school – if you want to learn then turn on CNN. 
2) Don’t pay for medical care – if you get hurt then put on a band-aid and drink more water.
3) Don’t pay for transportation – if you have to get somewhere then teleport.
4) Don’t eat – if you HAVE to then cut your food into small pieces so it lasts longer (cough cough cough #McResources cough).
5) Don’t buy a house – if you have to live somewhere then pitch a tent in your local park.


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