Monday, September 15, 2014

A Lesson from Mike Tyson on How to Deal with Mainstream Media

Mike Tyson is not going to gain a lot of supporters for his performance on live television in Toronto last week but, in my view, it is good to see someone who is willing to stand up to MSM, even if it is in pure LOUP style.


  1. Without clicking on the link, that HAS to stand for Land Of Urban Primitives huh?

  2. "What are you gonna do about it?"

    lol...distilled right down to the basic matter & question at hand.

    Who do you have more respect for?

    Someone who tells you exactly how he feels, even if in a manner way outside the social norm, possibly using words that you find offensive or, someone that insults you with a smile on his face using nice words?

    Mike Tyson is the perfect example of self growth and redemption. He will never be perfect, like all of us. What separates him from the Hitler's, Pol Pot's, Mao's, Bush's, Obama's and the like is that Mike Tyson is actually sorry for some of the things he did and people he hurt.

    1. I'm not so sure he needs redemption. The rape charge against him was a "he said, she said," thing, and I find it difficult to understand what a woman going into Tyson's hotel room would thing might go on.

      If I was on the jury, he would have never been convicted.

    2. Actually, one other note, Tyson has repeatedly said "sorry" for a variety of other things, really that was my focal point more so then the rape conviction.(I stated it poorly)

      It's easy for the "perfect ones" to demonize him, but I really find him likable in many ways.

      Here's a funny vid with him returning Holyfield his ear:

      Tyson has repeated come out and said he's been sorry for a multitude of things he's done in the past. I think it's admirable.

      Here's another example:

      I've seen a couple of other videos in which he talks about how difficult his early life is and I seem to remember reading an article not too long ago that really took me by surprise in that he was doing some serious historical & philosophical reading as of late.

      That really what I mean by my comments above.

    3. I agree with RW. I've always thought Willy Smith (Ed Kennedy's nephew) got away with it and Mike Tyson got railroaded.