Monday, September 15, 2014

Drudge Picking Up on Rand's Wishy Washiness

Jay Stephenson emails:
Drudge Picking Up on Rand's Wishy Washiness
He has these Rand links and picture posted together right now:

WASH POST PAGE ONE MONDAY: Rand Paul distancing himself from libertarian past...

MAG: Where Does Rand Stand?

From the WaPo story linked by Drudge:
 Sen. Rand Paul wanted to eliminate aid to Israel. Now he doesn’t. He wanted to scrap the Medicare system. Now he’s not sure.

He didn’t like the idea of a border fence — it was expensive, and it reminded him of the Berlin Wall. Now he wants two fences, one behind the other.

And what about same-sex marriage? Paul’s position — such marriages are morally wrong, but Republicans should stop obsessing about them — seems so muddled that an Iowa pastor recently confronted him in frustration.

“With all due respect, that sounds very retreatist of you,” minister Michael Demastus said he told Paul (R-Ky.) after the senator explained his position during a stop in Des Moines.

From The Weekly Standard story linked by Drudge:
Rand Paul's views on war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria continue to evolve. Speaking to reporters on the campaign trail Friday afternoon, the Kentucky senator didn't rule out supporting the deployment of U.S. combat troops on the ground in Iraq.


  1. It is much easier to be consistent when positions are based a bedrock principle you believe in which you funnel all questions through. The NAP, of course, perfectly fits the bill! Rand's father was a master at this, yielding many provocative and revealing moments (R.P.: Jesus was the prince of Peace....Crowd: Boo...Boo!) I am not sure if Rand would say he utilizes the NAP in this way, and I wonder what his bedrock principle is?

    As an aside, Statists of various stripes have such a foundational belief- namely, that there must be rulers to coerce society. Usually they desire to be the shepherds. Politicians will not come right out and say this to people, for various reasons, but the implication is always there.

  2. "As the prospect of a 2016 presidential bid looms larger, Paul is making it clear that he did not come to Washington to be a purist like his father, former congressman Ron Paul (R-Tex.). He came to be a politician, like everybody else." - David A. Fahrenthold

    Boy, if that doesn't say it all.

  3. American politics is so far gone anyway that the best way out is to speed up the decline. The only interesting thing I wonder about Rand is what the conversations with dad are like.