Monday, September 15, 2014

Will Dmitri Kesari Rat Out Ron Paul Inc. to the Feds?

The Louisville-Courant has a theory. Dimitri Kesari's attorney and Ron Paul's attorney were seen "chilling with Ron Paul last September..."

LC goes on:
[Kesari lawyer Jesse]Binnall and [Ron Paul camoaign lawyer David] Warrington appear to have been photographed with Paul only moments apart at the September 2013 Liberty Political Action Conference (LPAC), held in Chantilly, Virginia. Warrington was one of the conference speakers.

Given that Paul is the same candidate who Kent Sorenson endorsed for president in exchange for a $25,000 check from Kesari in an Altoona, Iowa restaurant bathroom in December 2011, Kesari choosing another Ron Paul insider as his own counsel strongly suggests he's not going to rat anyone out over at Team Paul...

Binnall,  who is a partner in the Fairfax, Virginia firm of Bronley and Binnall, PLLC, recently got a (well-deserved) shoutout in the Ron Paul Forum for representing Lavabit founder Ladar Levison. Binall represented Levison in his resistance against the FBI's efforts to gain access to Lavabit's email servers.

Ron Paul with Dmitri Kesari's attorney Jesse Binnall
Ron Paul campaign attorney David Warrington.

Have Binnall and/or Warrington discussed the bribery scandal with Paul? With each other? Are the Paul's paying for Kesari's defense? Will Binnall get any Libertarian love for representing Kesari?
I don't know, buy some popcorn. In the meantime, don't forget about Jesse Benton. But how could you?

Jesse Benton celebrating under the tent?.
RW NOTE: When a group under investigation circles the wagons, as the Louisville-Courant is implying above, and uses lawyers friendly with each other, the late powerful D.C, attorney Edward Bennett Williams called it "getting everyone pissing out from under the same tent."

Still it is difficult to see how Kesari will remain a member of the Ron Paul Inc. tent pissing team, if half the allegations I am hearing find their way into Fed indictments against Kesari.

When that happens that's when the girls run from anybody under the tent.

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