Wednesday, September 24, 2014

'Finger In The Wind' Cramer on The Fed

By Chris Rossini

If someone says Jim Cramer, think 'finger in the wind'.

The Fed worshippers over at BusinessInsider are running a series of tweets from Cramer. They include:

After seeing these genuflections to the planners in the marble palace, I immediately recalled a much different Jim Cramer. It was at a time when the wind was blowing in the opposite direction. Back in 2007, Cramer was lucky to have Ron Paul on his show.

Dr. Paul, as we all know, is a model on consistently delivering a message.

But check out the words that Cramer was using during that interview:
  • "The Federal Reserve's current Chairman, Ben Bernanke, started his job in 2006. That's exactly when the worst mortgages began to be propagated...Why did he not see this coming?"
  • "Do they not see the bigger picture that you and I see?" (CR - Ha!! Gotta love how Cramer tries to lump himself in with Ron Paul ... Stay in your seat. It gets better.)
  • "You've given me cover sir. I always feel like I'm out there by myself, criticizing this institution that everybody thinks is like a holy temple, when the reality is these are just men and women like you and me, except they're making policy with no checks and balances. I wish you the best of luck sir with your campaign. You are changing things with what you're saying."
So Cramer went from that to: "Bernanke is a hero."

Finger. In. The. Wind.

Will Cramer flip on the Fed (again) when the next financial crisis hits?

You can bet your Mad Money on it.


  1. Cramer is entertainment, pure and simple. He's a tool of the elite. His credibility is zilch.

    1. Miguel, what he said was quite right; when he says we he mean him and his mates and colleagues they would have been cleaned out so to him and his buddies Bernake really is a hero..