Saturday, September 27, 2014

It's The Empire's Way...Or The Highway

By Chris Rossini

It's now a well established fact, that the U.S. government wants the world to be one big democratic wonderland. Democracy out of the barrel of a U.S. gun.

It's also now a well-known fact, that once democracy is adopted in another country, those who are elected must be approved by the U.S. government. If the U.S. government does not like the results, then you can count on a coup of some sort to 'fix' it. This stretches back many decades, and leads to our modern times (e.g., Egypt and Ukraine to name just two).

So it's Democracy The Empire's Way....Or The Highway.

Let's now move to conquering the boogeymen.

Amongst the U.S. government's boogeymen are Syria, Hezbollah, Iran & Russia. There are of course more (like North Korea for example), but we'll focus on these right now. It just so happens that ISIS is a threat to Syria, Hezbollah, Iran (and indirectly) Russia.

Ironically, this is a problem for the Empire.

An outsider would rightly think: "Hey, the Empire and ISIS have mutual enemies." As a matter of fact, the Empire and its friends (Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar) helped to arm, train, and foment what would become ISIS.

However, just as the Empire wants Democracy its way, it also wants to slay the boogeymen its way as well.

ISIS apparently didn't get the memo: "The Middle East is the Empire's oyster." Something called an Islamic State is not part of the Five-Year Plan.

So...just as the Empire has to 'fix' elections that don't turn out 'right,' it chooses to now bomb the equipment that it gave to ISIS and train a new batch of thugs to fight them.

Then the Empire can get back to slaying the boogeymen...its way.

Meanwhile the economy at home (that's tasked with financing this complete insanity) continues to burn, and burn, and burn.

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  1. many different ways to push an agenda.....

    Ukrainian Squillionare Victor Pinchuk and His Clinton, Brookings, and Peterson Connections

    The true greatness of the American political class is that they’ll all take money from anybody, so you get stories like this one, where the Clintons, Brookings, and Pete Peterson’s talking shop all cheerfully rake in the dough from an innocent Ukrainian pipemaker and art collector whose $700 million new plant produces steel for seamless pipes used in a wide range of products sold in 80 countries, including pipelines. So one can only wonder what he thought he was buying with his money. I mean, besides art.

    By John Helmer,

    What do Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton, Anders Aslund, Steven Pifer, the Peterson Institute for International Economics, and the Brookings Institution have in common? Answer: they drink unpasteurised milk from the Ukraine. Lots of it.

    How damaging this may be for the health depends on how Victor Pinchuk (image left, right), the Ukrainian pipemaker, responds to filings in the Moscow Arbitrazh Court. Reported publicly this week, the court papers suggest that through companies registered in Cyprus, Pinchuk milked about $200 million from the Rossiya Insurance Company in Moscow. For the time being, the Russian court action is a civil one, and seeks repayment by Pinchuk’s East One holding and related companies. If Pinchuk doesn’t repay, Cyprus, European Union, and US court action, alleging conspiracy to defraud, is likely to follow. Pinchuk’s innocence should be assumed in the meantime. Drinking raw milk, however, carries a contamination risk.

    Audited public records reveal that the Clinton family consumed at least $13 million from Pinchuk between 2006 and the end of 2012. Pinchuk’s foundation hasn’t released its accounts for 2013 or the first half of 2014, so the Clinton (right) total is likely to have grown. The Clinton Foundation will not explain the multi-million dollar discrepancy between what Pinchuk says he’s been paying, and what the Clintons claim to have been receiving, so there’s no telling how much extra has been taken by the Clintons in expense-paid trips and speaking fees.

    The Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE) in Washington claims it is “an independent, private, nonprofit institution for rigorous, intellectually honest study and open discussion of international economic policy.

    In fact, the institute’s list of its donors doesn’t identify Pinchuk. The record of the institute’s employment of Aslund (below) to write on Ukraine is lengthy too, but there is no mention that Pinchuk has been footing the bill. Aslund’s tribute to Pinchuk’s father-in-law, ex-president Leonid Kuchma, identifies the Peterson Institute as owner of the copyright. “Whatever happened under [Kuchma’s] rule,” Aslund and the institute have declared, “he created a functioning democracy. One reflection of Ukraine’s democratic strength is that both Kuchma and his predecessor, Leonid Kravchuk, remain public personalities. Kuchma’s 70th birthday is an opportunity to celebrate his contributions. Few people have done so much for their country.”
    Pinchuk is listed as a current director of the PIIE board. This suggests that he continues to transfer money to the institute’s budget

    Also in Washington, Pinchuk’s foundation (page 65) has been paying the Brookings Institution $200,000 per annum to employ Steven Pifer, a former US Ambassador to Ukraine. According to the Brookings website, “our mission is to conduct high-quality, independent research.” Funding, says Brookings, comes from “generous individuals, foundations, leading corporations, and U.S. and foreign government agencies that share our commitment to quality, independence, and impact in public policy research and analysis.”
    A report on fund sources for Brookings, dated May 2013, didn’t mention Pinchuk.