Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Cogs In The Wheel

By Chris Rossini

Operators of The State view human beings as mere cogs in the wheel. In their eyes, it is The State that must have 'a vision,' and the cogs are to work towards that vision by doing 'great things' together.

In the "land of the free," the cogs are especially lucky. They have been granted a "sacred right" to "make their voices heard". Every so often, American cogs get to select the Great Leader who will lay out the vision for all the great things. American cogs are "schooled" very thoroughly, and are made sure to understand, that the ability to choose the Great Leader is freedom itself! A cog cannot possibly ask for anything better.

The most dreadful thought that a cog can have towards the Great Leader and The State is "Who needs them?" The Great Leader and The State can deal with a few cogs entertaining such thoughts, but should a domino effect ever occur, The State would shrivel up like the Wicked Witch of The West....and it knows it!

The State, which literally steals (from the cogs) every single penny that it possesses, makes sure to impress the cogs from time-to-time with BIG things. For example, it'll chisel the mugs of former Great Leaders into a mountain, or build shrines and monuments to yet other former Great Leaders.

The cogs see the BIG statues, and they gape in awe, and they're very thankful that they (as mere cogs) have the "right" to actually choose their Great Leader!

The "who needs them" cogs know better though. They know that everything the government creates is a waste. For the resources used by The State were stolen from the cogs.

The "who needs them" cogs contemplate the unseen....What could have the millions of cogs done with their resources were it not stolen from them by The State? The possibilities go unseen. We can't ever know. The only thing that we can know is the results would have been more important to the cogs.

The State doesn't like those kinds of thoughts. "Just look at the statues," it says. "Aren't they magnificent?".

Should the "who needs them" cogs start to make headway with the other cogs, The State always leans back on its most treasured trump card........war. There is nothing more powerful that The State has on his cogs than fear. It is out of fear that the cogs let The State rob them in the first place. The State says that it will protect the cogs, and so it must rob them for their own good!

It never occurs to the cogs that they have every imaginable need satisfied by their fellow cogs in the marketplace. Cogs of every shape, size, color, and race are swimming in abundance thanks to all the activities that happen in spite of The State. Why can't the service of protection be purchased in a competitive marketplace?

Well, The State knows that rule #1 in a protection racket is to abolish any competition. Rule #2 is to scare the living daylights out of the cogs should they entertain such a thought. Such cogs belong on the fringe of society for pondering such ideas!

Plus, The State says that in this dangerous world of ours, there are many terrible Great Leaders out there! They are vicious, and blood-thirsty, and their cogs do not have the "sacred right" of choosing who their Great Leader will be. They have very bad, and very scary Great Leaders as a result.

American Great Leaders for 100 years have told their cogs that this injustice in the world must stop! Every cog in all the world should be able to choose their own Great Leaders! For then, all cogs, in all the world, shall be free!

Furthermore, since American Great Leaders have laid out this 'vision,' it is the duty of each American cog to contribute what he must in order to bring it about....even if it means going around the world and shooting other cogs dead. You are a "hero" should you do so.

When the 'vision' of America's Great Leaders finally arrives on Planet Earth, all of the world's cogs shall be free to choose their Great Leaders. All the world's cogs shall know, for the very first time, what real freedom is by that very fact.

And the world will be filled with joyous and happy cogs, following the 'visions' that their chosen Great Leaders lay out for them.

There's only one major problem (outside of economic laws) with the grand master plan:

The "who needs them" cogs. Those troublemakers can ruin everything with their ideas of "non-aggression" and "live and let live".

Be one of those cogs....please.

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