Monday, October 6, 2014

Nobel Prize Worthy: Ikea Claims Its New Furniture Line Can Be Assembled Without Tools in Less Than Five Minutes

File Under: The beauty of free market innovation.

Ikea had launched Regissör, a new line of flatpack furniture that the company claims can be assembled without tools in less than five minutes.

“Customers can assemble the new REGISSÖR series—which includes a bookshelf, cabinets and a coffee table, using a new IKEA-developed solution that was designed on the factory floor together with suppliers,” the company writes in a press release. “Featuring special wedge dowels, furniture pieces assembled using this technique require no tools and have no loose pieces; you can put them together using only your hands.”

 “By making it even easier to assemble our furniture, we want to give people who may find it challenging a new reason for choosing IKEA.” Ikea plans to expand the line in the spring.


  1. That latticed panel construction is brilliant.

  2. Uh, we've had folding tables and chairs for sometime here in America.