Wednesday, November 12, 2014

S.F.’s New Highest-Priced Listing: $39 million; It's Being Flipped for $12 Million Profit

The house is owned by raw food chef Roxanne Klein and her Modulus Guitars CEO husband Michael Klein. They bought the house 2 1/2 years ago for $27 million.

The house, located at 2701 Broadway in Pacific Heights, has seven bedrooms, over 16,000 square feet, an indoor basketball court, a roof deck with panoramic bay views.

(via SFGate)

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  1. Gold and Silver Price Manipulation: The “Golden” Cat is Out of The Bag!
    Of course, along the way there have been slurs and smears of GATA’s work and those of us who put the pieces together shedding light on the fact that gold and silver prices were manipulated. I must say, it was quite a frustrating experience when often times there was obvious evidence to the 3rd grade mentalities out there yet supposedly “smart” people would just turn their noses up saying “that proves nothing”. Even the latest operation last Wednesday at 12:30 AM where one week’s worth of global gold production (40 tons) was sold in the tight window of and Indian holiday and Chinese/Japanese lunch break was “apologized away” as being “routine selling”. Yes, I will agree, it has “become routine” but in no way is it “right”. Selling that which does not exist is illegal, morally wrong and in this case aimed squarely at suppressing the price. This is either “price fixing”, or “collusion”, both supposedly illegal.
    This “rigging” revelation has many more and far reaching repercussions than first meets your eye. This is not about gold, nor silver. This is not even just about the dollar, interest rates or the Treasury markets. This is about EVERYTHING! First, it’s about the “honesty” of Western markets which for 100 years has been held up as the reason “why” to invest in the West. Next, it is about the standard of living in the West, particularly the U.S.. If gold and silver were allowed to rally, back in 1997 and ’98, maybe the dot com bubble would never have occurred or at least to the extent that it did. The housing crisis would not have happened because interest rates could not have been lowered the way they were. The U.S. could not have gone $18 trillion into debt because we could not have afforded 6% interest rates on the balance. The past economic “growth” and standard of living would have been far lower. Elections (if not stolen) would have come out differently, people would have lived their lives differently and decisions on the allocation of capital would have been far different. Yes, EVERYTHING “would have” been different!