Friday, December 5, 2014

Mastercard Executive Issues Cash-Hating Video

If you have ever held the view that financial operators like Mastercard aren't in bed with governments, the below video should dispel you of that belief.

Matthew Driver, MasterCard’s president for South East Asia, is out with a new attack video on Bitcoin.

The attack itself is pretty weak. I am a major critic of Bitcoin, but I wouldn't advance the problems with Bitcoin in the manner they are presented by Driver.

But there are two important takeaways from this video:

1. Bitcoin is on the radar of Mastercard. You can be sure this means that Mastercard lobbyists are plotting with legislators  to add regulations to cryptocurrency transactions to make them even less useful.

2. Remarkably, Driver, in this video, openly admits that one of the goals of Mastercard is to move "to a world beyond cash," because cash facilitates anonymity and tax avoidance.Who hates anonymity and tax avoidance? Governments. Mastercard is a serious tool of governments. Case closed.


  1. It's astounding how direct he is.

    It seemed like he used the word "control" at least 10 times in the last minute or so of the video.

    I actually started to perceive him as evil in the 90 secs of the video.

  2. Well I wont be doing business with Mastercard anymore. Thanks EPJ!!!