Friday, December 5, 2014

US Marshals: Bidder Turnout in Second Bitcoin Auction Declines Sharply

The US Marshals Service, the federal agency charged with managing the sale of property confiscated by federal law enforcement agencies, has released new data on its auction of 50,000 BTC confiscated from alleged Silk Road head Ross Ulbrich..

The USMS data, distributed via email, indicates that the number of bidders in the agency's second bitcoin auction has declined significantly from the first auction held this June.

That auction attracted a total of 45 registered bidders, who placed 63 bids over the course of the auction. By contrast, 11 registered bidders participated in today's auction, submitting a total of just 27 bids.

Overall, the number of registered bidders decreased 75% from the first auction, while the number of bids fell 57%.

The price of Bitcoin  is down more than 50%. year-to-date.

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