Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Life Expectancy in the U.S., Russia, China, the World

The U.S. is currently the leader here, but for how long with socialist Obamacare settling in?

We are on the verge of a number of breakthroughs in medical care in the U.S. thanks to medical entrepreneurs and scientists, but will they be suffocated by government regulations? It is very difficult to see how this plays out. It could go either way, but socialist-type healthcare is a very real threat to life expectancy.



  1. Really slanted picture: Depending on source, life expectancy, at birth, for U.S. is approx #42, behind most industrialized Countries, but also behind Greece, Italy, Canada, France; Countries even more "socialistic" that Obamacare:

    I'm opposed to Gov't interference, but to the extend Americans receive less allopathic medical care, the health of U.S. will increase, IMO.

    1. Most world nations count life expectancy at birth differently than US. The US includes all live births while most other nations only include those still alive after some period (maybe 1st 24 hrs, I don't recall & probably slightly different between countries) and it is in that initial period that most of the deaths of newborns occur, which is why they are not counted in those other nations.

      Perhaps the data shown normalizes the count.

  2. To your point regarding being on the verge of breakthroughs in medical care in the U.S. thanks to medical entrepreneurs and scientists, but will they be suffocated by government regulations?.....

    I am aware that Genervon has met with the FDA and there is no final decision on GM604 for the Accelerated Approval Program. A denial by the FDA means more deaths as people with ALS have no time to wait.

    See... February 16, 2015

    Genervon Biopharmaceuticals reviews results of phase 2a als trial; awaits fda response

    In 2013-2014, after a successful Phase 1 trial during which no adverse safety effects were reported, Genervon sponsored and completed a Phase 2A trial of GM604 for treatment of ALS at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and Columbia University Medical Center in New York City. A separate trial for Parkinson's disease patients was also completed at Columbia, while an FDA-approved single compassionate use trial for ALS was completed in California.

    Genervon has broken with convention in the drug development industry and has released the top-line data from its Phase 2A ALS trial to the public; it has also filed its extensive Clinical Trial Report, containing all data, with the FDA.

    Genervon's Phase 2A trials in two different neurodegenerative diseases, namely ALS and Parkinson's disease, showed improvements in the treated group in both clinical measurements and multiple biomarker measurements.

    Genervon was reluctant to offend the FDA, but three times during the one-hour meeting we requested that the FDA grant GM604 accelerated approval, which is necessary for all ALS patients to have legal access to GM604 now.

    Read about disease and patients here:

    If you're inspired to help go here and let the FDA know you are aware of the situation:

    The FDA Needs to Try Something New


  3. As opposed to the free-market health care markets that operate in China and Russia?

  4. Fortunately healthcare systems have little to do with life expectancy for most people. Far more important is the availability of clean water and the sanitary disposal of waste. A real danger in the U.S. is the continued degradation of water and waste disposal by the crony businesses and governments that dominate these services.

  5. If demographic trends continue and "Comphrehensive Immigration Reform"/Amnesty is passed, the US will decline just based on the trends of the genetic stock. A little bit bigger of a problem then ObamaRomneycare (who both support Amnesty as well.