Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Oh Yeah, Keep Raising That Minimum Wage

Minimum wage laws make it extremely difficult for the lowest skilled to find jobs.

NYT reports:
As this recovery gains momentum, and the labor market starts to look more normal, a new report offers a reminder that black workers once again are lagging behind.

The unemployment rate for black workers rose faster during the Great Recession and, over the last five years, it has receded more slowly.

The rate for black workers remains 1.3 percentage points higher than on the eve of the recession in December 2007, while for white workers it is 0.5 points higher...

The résumés of black workers, on average, are less competitive. For example, they are less likely to have a college education


  1. This is why TPTB want higher minimum wages, to keep people reliant on the state, in doing do chip away ever further at the productive class, and keep the welfare voting block strong and robust.

  2. Which means the Min Wage laws are working as designed.

    Organized labor want a higher Min Wage to reduce threats from the Cheap Labor Lobby.