Saturday, April 18, 2015

Political Mechanics Want to Steal the Money You Put Into Social Security

It's an across the political spectrum robbery, both from the Left and Right.

WaPo's Charles Lanes correctly points out:
The irony is that the progressive plan [of Elizabeth Warren] and [Chris] Christie’s plan are equivalent, at least in their very broad financial strokes. Both claim to match Social Security resources and obligations over time, and to accomplish this progressively; that is, with upper-income folks bearing a relatively higher share of the adjustment costs.
 Christie, for example, has said that he would means-test benefits on people with income above $80,000 with the idea of phasing out all benefits for people with incomes over $200,000. Pretty much in line with Warren's "take from the rich and disperse" advocacy.


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  1. How come there's never a "phase out" of the taxes I paid for 50 years. FIFTY years. Some "insurance"! Argh!