Friday, May 8, 2015

If You Graduated From College, You Probably Have a Job

There is no rule that says if you are smart, aggressive, unconventional and entrepreneurial that you can't succeed without a college degree, but if you do have a college degree it will help, in most cases, in getting a job.

For those under 25, the current unemployment rate is only 2.7%. For those under 25 with only a high school degree, the unemployment rate is 5.4%



  1. What about those guys working at Starbucks making 10 bucks an hour? These stats are rigged.

  2. So, the diffrence between a college degree and a high school diploma is that 2.7 per 100 will get a job who oherwise wouldn't.

    That seems like a great return on 4 years and likely $60K paid. (sarc)

    In societal terms, high school enablels employment of 94.6%. Or, 97.3% can pay $60K each and all be employed.

    97.3 x $60K = 5838K, for 2.7 more employed is 2162K per extra employable person. What a waste.

  3. Depends on which degree... having B.A. in Gender Studies is likely to be detrimental in getting hired.