Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How to Get a Super Fantastic Job

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Over the years, I have counseled many people about getting jobs. I have helped people get jobs with Fortune 500 companies, with Silicon Valley firms and other great companies, I have helped everyone from lawyers to executive secretaries, salesmen and managers, and also recent college graduates.

In doing this, my experience has been that there are no resources out there that provide the real scoop on how to go about finding the right jobs or how to deal with the interview process.

People waste time in bad jobs, or may not even get that first job, because of poor understanding of what it takes to get the great jobs.

Consequently, I have put together a 3 hour video that discusses how to get the super fantastic jobs.

In the video series, I detail exactly the advice I have given others that resulted in their ending up with jobs that initially seemed out of reach. I detail the unknown methods to get into the jobs at the companies that everyone wants to get into,

I will explain the most important techniques you need to use in interviews that few do---including one technique that Donald Trump uses with great success. I will detail the strategy that the late billionaire commodities trader Marc Rich used to great success in his business, and how to apply it to your job hunt. I will also explain my "billion dollar asset" theory, which hardly anyone gets and is never told to incoming employees, though it should.

This is three hours packed with job hunting,job interview tips and more, and I doubt you have heard more than 50% of these tips ever before.

There is a huge great big world of opportunities out there, and you can grab them, if you know the methodical steps that you need to take to jump ahead of everyone else in the job hunt.

I am launching the course this Thursday. It will be broken into 3 one hour video segments, you will be free to view them at your leisure, or view them all  immediately on Thursday,.

The cost of the series is $79.00

You can order it now here:

-Robert Wenzel

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