Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Stanford Center Security Robot Attacks Child

Maybe if the minimum wage not so high in Palo Alto, the Stanford Security Mall would not be resorting to robot security.

A young boy got knocked down and run over by a security robot at Stanford Shopping Center, in Palo Alto, California, reports Bay Area 7. want to get the word out to prevent others from getting hurt.

The Stanford Shopping Center's security robot stands 5' tall and weighs 300 pounds.

It's designed to alert authorities of abnormal noises, sudden environmental changes, and known criminals.

But  parents of  16-month-old Harwin Cheng said the robot attacked the 16-month-old.

"The robot hit my son's head and he fell down facing down on the floor and the robot did not stop and it kept moving forward," Harwin's mom Tiffany Teng said, according to Bay Area 7..

Harwin also got a scrape on his leg from the incident. "He was crying like crazy and he never cries. He seldom cries," Teng said.


  1. Can't wait for the lawsuit. Sue the shopping center and put em under!

  2. Then no stumble for you censor!

  3. "I had a guaranteed military sale with ED 209 - renovation program, spare parts for twenty-five years... Who cares if it worked or not?" Dick Jones in Robocop

    1. This is hands down the most insightful moment 250 years of American popular culture.

  4. Your honor, the defense wishes to call Huey, Dewey and Louie as character witnesses.

  5. RoboCop guilty of Asian profiling.

  6. Lawsuit here... nothing more, nothing less.