Sunday, December 4, 2016

Trump Went on an Unhinged Protectionist Twitterstorm This Morning

Even the mad interventionist Steve Rattner understands some of the problems with protectionism:

It's time to roll out Murray Rothbard once again.



  1. Wenzel-Weld democrats now retweeting Paul Krugman for their economic arguments - thats ALL you need to know folks!

  2. Should have quit after the first tweet.

    Seriously though, it sucks that so many on the right who rightly denounced Obama for lecturing private businesses will support this mercantilist nonsense.

  3. What if Trump is persuading most everyone to accept crony capitalist deals of special tax breaks and incentives (wealth taken from taxpayers)? He's putting forth two options to set the scope of the debate. Now it's pick one.