Sunday, May 14, 2017

New French President May Pick IMF Chief Christine Lagarde as Prime Minister

Emmanuel Macron was inaugurated today as France’s president.

He is a diehard supporter of the European Union, Indeed, he wants to restructure the EU so that it is more powerful over individual EU nations. He's in favor of the financial "integration" of countries that use the euro currency. Translation: This would mean rich EU nations such as Germany would have to pay more to support poorer ones such as Greece.

It's clear he would even support one massive EU budget over separate budgets for each EU country.

Bottom line: Macron is a globalist in the worst sense of the word. It is not about open trade as far as he is concerned but massive elitist-establishment control of EU populations.

Watch carefully who he picks for Prime Minister,

The two top candidates appear to be International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde and the center-right mayor of the port city of Le Havre, Edouard Philippe.

There is nothing positive to say about  Philippe other than he is not Lagarde.

If Macron names Lagarde, it means the elitists have major inside EU operatives to do their globalist bidding in the team of Macron-Lagarde,



Macron has named Philippe the prime minister.

From Bloomberg:

Since 2010, Philippe has been mayor of Le Havre, France’s second-largest port, which was a longtime communist stronghold before drifting to the center-right as its economy diversified. The grandson of a dockworker, according to French media, Philippe is a boxer and, like Macron, graduated from France’s elite ENA, the National School of Administration.

Philippe, who studied at the Lycee Francais in Bonn and speaks German, campaigned for the Socialist Party during his student years. He has alternated between being an elected official, adviser to various ministers, working as a lawyer, and as the head of public affairs for state-controlled energy company Areva.

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