Thursday, June 8, 2017

European Union Plotting to Control Personalized Medicine

In March 2017, the European Medicines Agency organized a workshop on the topic of personalizedd medicine. The results of the workshop have just been published.

It's bad.

The European Medicines Agency is an agency of the European Union, located in London.

The Council of Europe definition of. personalised medicine was used in the published results:
Medical model using characterisation of individuals’ phenotypes and genotypes or tailoring the right person at the right time, and to determine the predisposition to disease and/or deliver timely and targeted prevention, and it relates to the broader concept of patient-centred care, which takes into account that, healthcare systems need to better respond to patient needs.
In other words, it is about pure central planning of the developing medical sciences of individual treatment and testing at the phenotype and genotype level.

According to JDSUPRA , what was discussed in the first workshop appears to be nothing more than a discussion of how current roadblocks to treatment and the development of new treatments can be applied to personalized medicine:
In the first session of the workshop, the current situation concerning personalised medicine was discussed and related major challenges identified. These challenges included: the generation of big data, the translation of basic research into clinical research and implementation, bringing innovation to the market and shaping a sustainable healthcare. The requirement to ensure confidentiality of sensitive data and the necessity to obtain a truly informed consent from patients were also identified as current challenges.
The development of personalised medicine also raises significant challenges for regulators and researchers. 
The potential for remarkable new treatments at phenotype and genotype level is very high but nothing is more disturbing than to see government technocrats discussing regulation of the sector, especially at such an early stage,


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