Monday, September 25, 2017

REBELLION: This is the Reaction to London's Failure to Renew Uber's License

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, will he deliver the knockout punch to Uber? 
When a people still have a good lot of freedoms and you take away one they really use--and they can protest the takeaway, protest is exactly what happens.

Robert Colvile writes for the Financial Times:
When Transport for London, an independent regulator overseen by the mayor, announced that
Uber’s operating licence would not be renewed, the reaction was swift. “Brilliant victory for unions, labour movement and London’s cabbies. Uber destroys the fabric of cities and evades social responsibility,” tweeted the Corbynite journalist Paul Mason. “Oh, bloody hell,” went pretty much everyone else. Within 24 hours, the company’s petition to “Save Your Uber in London” had attracted half a million signatures.
Those people weren’t worried about London’s reputation as a home for innovation — though it obviously doesn’t help to have banned the world’s biggest start-up. Or even about the firm’s 40,000 drivers. They were upset because Uber has rapidly — inexorably — become part of our lives.
Is London Mayor Sadiq Khan bold enough to go up against "the people" to provide a crony gift to his union supporters?

Uber is currently operating in London during the appeal.



  1. There is a shakedown aspect to this. Playing cabbies against Uber will increase the tribute supplied by both.

  2. Yeah, Uber riders block highway, smash windows, rampage...I just don't see it.

  3. They should just tell the city to **** off and keep operating. Let the bobbies drag them out of their cars for the "crime" of trying to make a living by providing a needed service. See how well that video plays.