Thursday, September 21, 2017

STOCKMAN: "A Frightful Fiscal Demographic Time Bomb"

I am not against cutting income taxes but David Stockman, the former OMB director under Ronald Reagan, has a great idea in calling for a cut in payroll taxes.

And Stockman's take on Trump's tax "reform" and the current state of government finances are spot on.

Also a very interesting comment about Alan Greenspan and how he started it all.

And also this from Stockman: "Rand Paul the only guy speaking truth to power."



  1. ,
    Payroll taxes have the same kind of effect on labor as sin taxes have on alcohol and cigarettes (especially cigarettes), with the exception that authorities and the "Nation Of Lawz!" crowd are more forthcoming about the purpose of sin taxes.

  2. Christ, can Neil Cavuto shut up long enough to let his guest talk? He finally has somebody on his show who knows something and he won't let him finish a damn sentence.