Monday, November 20, 2017

The Messiness Behind Why Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Printed His Name for Federal Reserve Notes

For those of you dying to know why Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin printed his name in block letters, instead of signing in cursive, I contacted the Treasury Department for an explanation.

This is the response from Principal Deputy Assistant Treasury Secretary for Public Affairs Molly Millerwise Meiners:

 Secretary Mnuchin was actually asked about his signature on Fox News Sunday yesterday. Here is the relevant excerpt
Chris Wallace: and they do. i want to ask about one other aspect of this, because every treasury secretary i've ever known signs their name on the dollar bill. you printed your name on the dollar bill. i know this is a pressing question, but how come?
Secretary Mnuchin: i changed my signature. i had a very, very messy signature that you could barely read. it was very effective at signing things, but i felt since it was going to be on the dollar bill forever i should have a nice clean signature. 
Hope that helps!


  1. Obviously a Mechanical Manchurian Mnuchin. Looks Like Langley Lost the cursive algorithms before install.

  2. That is just a silly excuse. Signatures become efficient by speeding up and blurring letters. To make a nice one, slow down so the letters don't get blurred.