Thursday, April 26, 2018

SHOCK What Was Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Actually Shown When He Toured Fort Knox?

Fort Knox
By Robert Wenzel

On Friday, August 21, 2017, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and his wife flew to Louisville, Kentucky via a U.S. military jet.

The cover story put out by his office to justify the use of the jet was that he had several government-related business meetings to attend in the area and would also tour Fort Knox.

In an attempt to understand what was the real reason Mnuchin and his wife were in Kentucky---on the day the area was ground zero for the viewing of a once in a lifetime solar eclipse---ThinkProgress filed a Freedom of Information Act Request with the U.S. Bureau of the Mint.

The Mint provided this photo to TP of Mnuchin and his wife taken on the day of the solar eclipse outside the Search House of the U.S. Bullion Depository at Fort Knox:

But more fascinating is the U.S. Mint memo outlining the tour of Fort Knox that was given to Mnuchin. That memo was provided to TP.

Although the memo showed that Mnuchin was provided a lot of shuck and jive  (and glasses to view the eclipse), there is no indication that Mnuchin was shown any actual gold held at Fort Knox!

According to the memo, the first thing shown to Mnuchin upon entering the vault was an actual "working bar" of gold from West Point. (my bold). The memo states that Fort Knox gold does not hold "working gold" because no gold coins are minted at Fort Knox.

So for step 1 at 3:25 PM,  Mnuchin was not shown any Fort Knox gold.

At step 2 at 3:40 PM, Mnuchin was shown (my bold) an empty compartment.  The memo states that the compartment was empty so that the touring VIPs "could get a more complete understanding of the size of each compartment." But still no Fort Knox gold!

At step 3, also identified as part of the 3:40 time block, the Treasury Secretary was shown a compartment where "high valued assets" were stored.

This is what the Secretary was shown:
  • Ten 1933 Double Eagle coins (my bold) recently returned to the custody of Mint. 
  • a 1934 (my bold) aluminum penny
  • Sacagawea $1 coins which were official cargo on a NASA Space Shuttle Mission.
That's it, no Fort Knox gold.

There is a closing 3:50 PM time block that is blacked-out but there is no indication that Mnuchin was shown any Fort Knox gold at this time.

There are other blacked-out areas in the memo, they all appear to reference security steps.

The 3:50 PM blackout is an entire mystery. If Mnuchin was shown Fort Knox gold at that time, why wouldn't the memo read something like 
 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx was shown gold xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
if security was a concern?

Probably the most important thing Americans want to know about Fort Knox gold is if it is really there?

Why wasn't Mnuchin shown the gold and if he was, why is that point redacted?

And why do we get a stupid picture of Mnuchin viewing the solar eclipse and not one of him viewing America's gold?

I have contacted both the Treasury and the Mint and have asked them if Mnuchin was shown any Fort Knox gold. I will add any reply as an update to this post. 

Finally, Senator Rand Paul has gotten on the wrong side of a lot of his anti-war liberty loving base for voting to confirm the warhawk Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State. Maybe he can get back into the good graces of this base by entering a bill in the Senate demanding a full audit of the Fort Knox gold. And since Fort Knox is in the state he represents, Kentucky,  maybe he should contact the Mint and demand a tour---even if it is on a day when there isn't a solar eclipse.

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  1. See, the USD ISN'T a fiat currency. It's fully backed by an aluminum penny!