Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Mixed Results in Yesterday's Elections on Economic Interventionist Propositions

In yesterday's voting, in California, Proposition 10 which would have expanded rent control in the state was defeated.

But in Arkansas and Missouri, big minimum wage increases were approved by decisive margins.
Arkansas' minimum wage will go to $11 by 2021  (68% of voters approved) and in Missouri, the minimum will go to $12 by 2022.  (61% of voters approved).

Given the low cost of living in Arkansas, the $11.00 minimum wage will be the highest effective minimum wage in the country, which will result in heavy unemployment in the state,

Taxes also won in California:

In San Francisco, Proposition C, a tax on big businesses in the city to fund a socialist tax, to "benefit" the homeless, won. The measure to raise $300 million a year won with 60%, It will, however, be challenged in the courts.

Statewide in California voters rejected Proposition 6 a proposition which would have repealed the state gas tax.



  1. --- Statewide in California voters rejected Proposition 6 a proposition which would have repealed the state gas tax. ---

    Perhaps Californians think they're all switching to electric cars soon...

    1. Fuel taxes are a pretty good compromise of anonymity, collection cost, and user fee. If a gasoline tax were repealed it would certainly be replaced with something much worse. Most likely a VMT based tax which would allow for detailed government tracking and has a very high collection cost which is perfect for cronies to get their beaks wet.

      I would interpret it as people voting against a VMT tax which governments are pushing so electric cars are taxed. An alternative would simply mandate that vehicle chargers communicate with the smart meters over the HAN and tax that usage. Of course this would spoil the ability to track everyone and eventually create a system of permissions and fees to travel as government decided. The powers of a comprehensive ANPR network are just too attractive to government. Also then the full capabilities of smart meters would move from "conspiracy theory" to fact for the public that has never read the materials from the smart meter manufacturers.

    2. no matter, theyll just tax their use of charging stations.

  2. I have an electric car. It's almost $300 to renew my tabs each year. Dumb electric car tax fee!