Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Socialist Positions of Bernie Sanders Get Smashed

The below clip is from a pre-election debate between Senator Bernie Sanders and his then challenger  Republican Lawrence Zupan.

I never heard Zupan before but he is good here.

It's is too bad, though that Bernie is not willing to debate his former high school classmate Walter Block, that would be a debate.



  1. Zupan was very good. But he's fighting uphill, because Sanders's arguments fit on a bumper sticker. Until the younger generations are educated in Austrian economics and economic history, the bumper stickers will win. Alas, we have to play the long game, a fact that the genius Lew Rockwell recognized 30 years ago in founding the Mises Institute (so too Leonard Read with FEE).

  2. The socialist message will forever be well-received until we have a separation of education and State, and abolish government schools (including subsidized colleges); Otherwise, generation after generation will continue to be indoctrinated with Statist and Socialist principles and ideologies.
    ---D. Afton

  3. Debate Walter Block? That wouldn't be a debate, it would be an a$$ whoopin', and Bernieknows it.