Friday, June 7, 2019

Storm the Beach for Walter Block!

As I have already pointed out, Walter Block has a new op-ed up at The New York Times.

The Times needs to know that we are reading his essay and find it valuable. The best way we can do this is by commenting underneath the essay in the comments section. The more comments they see the better. They don't need to be long just a short comment will work. Engage other commenters (civilly)

A regular column by Dr. Block in The Times would be awesome. We can help make it happen.



  1. I would say the better way to show why the NYT should have Dr. Block as a columnist is to share the article on social media. This registers on their site as well as hopefully generating more web hits and click-throughs -- which is their ultimate goal for online presence.

  2. It appears that the NY Times reads EPJ!
    I just read the article and it says the comments section is closed.
    NYT closed the comments so the EPJ readers (who will likely support Dr. Block in the comments) are kept out, and the only comments left in are the 11 people who disagree with Dr. Block...
    We can still share on social media as noted by @Pandemic..

    1. LMAO, that's the liberal media for you. Is anyone surprised? Socialism/Fascism/Censorship go hand in hand.

    2. I figured it would already be closed. They close the comment sections on articles after a couple of days. hours if it generates a lot of comments.

      What I wanted to comment is the supporting argument Dr. Block neglected. Natural gas is so plentiful at the moment that huge quantities are being flared off because there is no economical buyer to be found. To me that is still very wasteful and short sighted. With some effort there's a way to make a profit with it IMO. That's neither here nor there for the coal discussion, only the fact that it is simply destroyed matters here.

      It also exposes that the government does not care about CO2 production as both the Obama and Trump administrations have failed to stop or even slow the practice. If government were really concerned about CO2 production this is clearly something it should not allow. That is if CO2 were the reason for ending coal use.

      So coal's competition is simply so cheap as to not be worth capturing at times. If government were out of the way, coal would still lose.

    3. This link has some info on flaring (burning off natural gas) and why it is done.