Friday, August 23, 2019

City Budgets...

Crony San Francisco
...or should it be called crony madness in the big cities?

$92.2bn - New York City
$14.4bn - Washington, DC
$12.3bn - San Francisco
$10.6bn - Los Angeles
$8.9bn - Chicago
$5.9bn - Seattle
$5.5bn - Houston
$5.1bn - Portland
$4.7bn - Philadelphia
$4.6bn - Phoenix
$4.3bn - San Jose
$4.1bn - Austin
$3.8bn - San Diego

To put things in perspective of how a crony lefty city works and really doesn't care. The San Francisco budget of $12.3 billion is equal to $1,537,500 per each of the estimated 8,000 homeless in the city.

If the city wanted to house all the homeless, the money is there if it wasn't such a crony city.

The budget is almost twice the size of the Chicago budget and also more than twice the size of the Houston budget. The populations of both Chicago and Houston are each roughly three times the population of San Francisco and yet they get by with much smaller city budgets.


(via Michael Hendrix)

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  1. There are only 4 states with larger budgets than New York CITY? (TX, WA, NY, CA) It edges out Florida, at $91.1 billion.