Monday, August 26, 2019

U.S. Lobster Exports to China in Freefall

Lobster exports out of Maine are free-falling this year as a result of trade hostilities between the United States and lobster-hungry China, the Associated Press reports, according to The Daily Beast.

 Now, lobstermen in Canada, who catch the same species of lobster as American suppliers, are
profiting off the slack. Canada’s lobster exports neared $200 million through June, while America’s exports through June were valued at less than $19 million—over $70 million less than the previous year. Despite sustained domestic demand, the Chinese tariffs have taken a toll on lobster businesses in Maine, forcing some to lay off workers working in wholesale, according to the report.

However, I wouldn't be surprised to see some open sea "smuggling" of American lobster into Canada where it is then sold to China but this would still hurt land-based Maine lobster workers.

Thanks, Trump.



  1. Wow!!! What a magnificent 4-D Chess player that Trump is!!!

  2. I don't like to see people like this suffer, but it's pretty disgusting you cling to your 'free trade' stupidity while China refuses to honor intellectual property law or much else. There is nothing good or decent about the leadership of China (though we are imperfect) and I don't see any libertarians moving to China.

    1. So because the Chinese might harm some in America, although it would be interesting to me to know what their theft of IP has caused real serious harm to Americans, the U.S. State should do actual serious harm to the working people in America to equal things up, or to get the Chinese back somehow? That makes zero sense.
      Free trade, more wealth for everyone.
      Tariffs, your government destroys your and everyone’s wealth. Ok I see how great that is now.
      You say you don’t like to see people like this suffer, your fellow Americans, that’s not the truth, this is what tariffs and trade wars that you want produce, and you are quite willing to let them and millions of others like them suffer, for some personal payback you perceive is your right.
      That’s not right LM, and I seriously don’t know how you can justify it.

    2. The current trade system only props up China's socialist/communist system. But I guess it is too bad we can't sell some American made products to all those turd world countries that can't seem to get their crap together as far as forming an organized society but somehow is desireable to import because of 'muh open borders'.