Thursday, December 26, 2019

Thank's Lefties: California Sports Bloggers Lose Their Jobs

California legislators recently passed Assembly Bill 5 (AB5).

The bill, which will take effect on January 1, 2020, will make it illegal for freelance contractors who reside in California to create more than 35 pieces of web site content in a year for a single company, unless the outlet hires them as an employee.

The lefty legislation was "intended to limit the ability of large corporations to take advantage of contract workers." What it really did was cost a lot of bloggers their jobs.

Hiring employees instead of using freelancers becomes very expensive and not something that can easily be done in the very competitive blogger industry.

Thus the sports blogger network SB Nation, owned by Vox Media, did what it had to. It announced that it will not be renewing the contracts of around 200 California-based reporters.

The company will replace many of those contractors with a combination of 20 part-time and full-time employees.

Wacko lefty California Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego), the architect of AB5, tweeted "I'm sure some legit freelancers lost substantial income and I empathize with that especially this time of year. But Vox is a vulture."

"These were never good jobs," Gonzalez said in another tweet---even though it is clear the bloggers who lost their jobs are very upset.



  1. Politicians are such arrogant worthless piles of dog crap. He feels your pain, sorry you lost your job around Christmas, but I am doing the right thing for you, and, I didn’t lose my job. And the only interest the state has in this is they want taxes. That’s it.

    1. And, in the first place, the higher hourly cost to an employer in using an employee compared with using an independent contractor is substantially caused by state-mandated employee benefits and compliance regulations. So first the state causes a problem, and then it has to continually intervene further to shut down ways of dealing with the problem. Per Mises, one bad intervention begets another.

  2. This is a load of bullshit. the bill is aimed at you and I. AND it blankets vloggers....youtubers. they are trying to silence free speech period. its one more reason to gtf out of that hell hole.

  3. With a salary of $110,459/year, how can she empathize with most of the working population in California?