Monday, March 16, 2020

If Your Stock Portfolio is a Wreck Because of the Coronavirus Panic.... is time to subscribe to the EPJ Daily Alert.

A subscriber writes today:
In my opinion, this is the best alert you've ever sent out. Calm, rational, thorough, fresh, balanced--it's just what we all need.
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  1. It's not a wreck because of the coronavirus, it's a wreck because of the central bankers. Coronavirus is the scapegoat.

  2. Signed up today. Enjoyed the first, looking forward to more to come! Have enjoyed your blog for more than a year, I am sure it will be worth the money.

  3. I'm anxious to know how the housing market is going to be affected. My wife and I have been renting a small, cramped house for 6 months now after selling our previous house for a massive profit. We JUST started looking at houses to buy about a month ago, and now this virus has hit, roiling the economy (or more accurately, our "Rulers" have roiled the economy).
    What I'm curious to know is whether buying now is such a good idea, and whether home prices are going to drop in the near future, or will sellers hold off on selling altogether.
    And BTW, it's the worst feeling, being stuck in a sub-par, temporary rental-home...cooped up with three teenagers and the wife...trying to balance working from home with going into the office, etc... !