Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Why is Robert Reich in Dumb Mode?

Robert Reich

Berkeley economics professor Robert Reich, who was in the administrations of Presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton, just tweeted this out:

So is he as dumb as the tweet indicates and doesn't realize that the above is so because the United States is testing more, or does he think his Twitter followers are dumb enough to believe total nonsense if he blasts it out?



  1. No, he is just a propagandist. Always was.

  2. Is there a map (overlay?) that shows # of tests vs number of detected cases?
    I think that death percentages are closer to the rubber meeting the road. Of course this needs to overlay with age / health demographics as well.
    Someone somewhere noted that overall disease rates were going down, he says as he washes his hands for the tenth time today,

  3. Oh, and Florida has a pretty nifty web site tracking this stuff:
    Oh, and check out the trends.

  4. Yes, he IS as dumb as the tweet indicates. If anyone can point me to anything, anything that Reich has ever said or written that is profound or even makes sense, I will withdraw my judgment as to his intellectual abilities.

  5. Robert - was it you that wrote (paraphrasing) "Robert Reich, best know for buying a multi-million dollar home at the height of the housing bubble..."

    That was a great line.

  6. Further, if this was scaled to percentage of the country's population:
    - Spain would be 7x higher
    - Italy would be 5x higher

  7. The only informational value in these numbers is as an indicator of the hysteria about the coronavirus. I have seen no reputable source explain how these numbers are being produced. All of the sources I know of are government organizations or funded agencies (like hospitals and university research centers). That suggests to me that like our money the coronavirus numbers are being counterfeited.

    1. I have been on a bit of a quest trying to find some explanation of how the basic data is being collected. I cannot find anything either. On the other hand I did just now come across this title to a CNN video: "Coronavirus experts present sobering data about projected US deaths". There seems to me to be a mountain of confusion in that title, e.g., neither the projections nor the output of them are not data, at least not in any physical science.

  8. Is not "Robert Reich in Dumb Mode" pleonastic?

  9. I've always called 'The Midget Commie'. I looked at Twatter feed recently; gotta love the way he whines about the peons not being take care of but everything he proposes is destructive to self reliance and independent wealth creation.