Wednesday, April 15, 2020

“Get My Payment” Web App Launched for Americans to Submit Direct Deposit Information and Track Payments

Here is how you can track your small piece of the Great Money Pump.

Today, on what would have been Tax Day, the U.S. Department of the Treasury and IRS launched the “Get My Payment” web application. The FREE app allows taxpayers who filed their tax return in 2018 or 2019 but did not provide their banking information on either return to submit direct deposit information.  Once they do, they will get their Economic Impact Payments deposited directly in their bank accounts, instead of waiting for a check to arrive in the mail.  “Get My Payment” also allows taxpayers to track the status of their payment.



  1. It will be a cold day in hades before I enter my banking info in an app like this.

  2. Ha. This is rich. The PA state unemployment system has had me in limbo status for 4 weeks and the federal site given here tells me that it cannot determine my eligibility status. Government. I am sure that I am not alone. I can imagine that people are about to blow.

  3. Same here. It cannot determine my eligibility status.

  4. Robert - You post these instructions - Are you indifferent to any concerns about using this, or are you with Anonymous, above?!

  5. Got through to the IRS site pretty quickly and it went smooth. Damn the torpedoes, no 4 month wait for me... As soon as it hits my account, I get to send it right back as I owe about what I received. Shut down my business and send me a check large enough to pay my Fed tax bill, what a country! /s obviously.

    At least the Feds sent me a pittance. Don't get me started on my state UE system. Probably having to update the circa 1970s COBOL programming they rely on, I've been advised they're "buying new servers" or sumpin' and my situation is as square as a peg can get for a round hole. I was told by someone, "I don't know nuthin' about no fancy LLCs..." No chance for state monies but maybe some of that Fed "pandemic" money. We'll see... You know how well the "good enough for gov't work" crowd handles changes. Already receiving indecipherable written letters requiring actions I cannot possibly complete and threatening higher taxes or jail for failure to comply. All because THEY put me out of business.

    1. What is stolen, is stolen. You can't expect to get anything but pitiful crumbs back.

  6. You have to be about 1 month or less away from homelessness to get priority. States are issuing cash assistance to fill the void while for waiting for unemployment to send funds. But it is a separate program you have to apply for with your state along with SNAP.