Saturday, April 4, 2020

Krugman Calls for Price Controls

Paul Krugman

It is difficult to believe that Paul Krugman was trained as an economist.

He is now calling for price controls.

It is precisely during a crisis that it is more important than ever for price signals to be in operation so that businessmen and entrepreneurs know where to direct their skills, talent and product.

Price controls distort these signals and result in less of the most important products demanded to be produced and delivered.



  1. He's a longtime advocate of the minimum wage, which is nothing short of a price control, so it's not surprising.

  2. I would like Krugman, or any of the other court economists, to explain exactly how over-abundance for early buyers and unavailability for later buyers contributes to "human welfare".

    This is the obvious (both historical and logical) result of the price controls they advocate. Has there ever been a case in recorded history where price controls combined with scolding people as "hoarders" and caging people for "price gouging" has ever actually prevented runs on critical goods?

    But as usual with leftists, instead of engaging in any sort of cost-benefit analysis, Krugman just trots out meaningless bromides that are emotionally soothing and demonstrate his virtuous, caring nature.

    This deceitful rhetorical tactic is both insidious and ubiquitous on the left. It cloaks the leftist in an aura of benevolence and allows him to escape discussing, or even acknowledging, any downside to his proposal. It also lays the groundwork for attacking critics with accusations of opposing "human welfare" by "putting a price" on human life.

    The left uses this form of obfuscation, of which Krugman is a master, to always further its underlying, unspoken agenda: the justification and increase of state power, regardless of cost.

  3. Simplistic comment from a simpleton, but Krugman has a Ph.D. in idiocy.

  4. If they end the Federeal Reserve money printing and had a currency fixed to energy that can't be manipulated such as gold then we might be able to talk about it. Until that happens he is out of his mind.

  5. do the rest of the economists in the world snicker when he speaks

  6. do the rest of the economists in the world snicker when he speaks