Friday, May 15, 2020

CDC Posts Advice on Reopening U.S. Bars, Restaurants and Workplaces

The final regulations will be issued by state and local governments but the Center for Disease Control has issued a set of guidelines that in themselves are quite onerous for a virus that appears to do most of its damage in nursing homes.

No doubt blue state power-freak officials will take the CDC guidelines as a starting point from where further burdensome regulations are added.

Under the newly issued CDC guidelines, businesses would be encouraged to follow a series of steps, reports Bloomberg.

Bars and restaurants, for example, shouldn’t reopen until they can follow applicable state and local orders, and until they’re ready to protect people who are at higher risk for severe illness, the guidelines say. Then they should encourage social distancing -- add spacing of tables and stools; encourage drive-through, delivery and curb-side pick up; limit party sizes and occupancy; avoid self-serve stations; and restrict employee shared spaces. Employers should check staff for signs and symptoms of illness as they arrive, “as feasible.”



  1. Why do business owners need to be responsible for people who are at high risk? What are people at high risk doing at bars and restaurants full of people? And are these owners going to be held accountable for people who get sick at their establishment?

    1. Your being too reasonable, Joshua. The answers to your questions require too much personal responsibility which is a threat to national security.

    2. Right. And it is as though high risk individuals aren't sovereign human beings with agency.

      If they are overweight they have voluntarily lived a high risk life style for years. Maybe they want a cheeseburger at a bar, viruses, heart disease and diabetes be damned.

      If they are elderly maybe they don't want to spend the last few precious years of their lives hiding in their homes.

      The moral superiority of the Doomers while they deny others of their humanity is getting tiring.

  2. Forgive me for running the sheep or cattle metaphor further into the ground. I used to work with a cattle farmer friend inoculating his cows periodically with various drugs and testing for pregnancy. We'd round them up in a pen, lead them down a narrow chute to a cage barely large enough for the cow with a gate at the end that you had to close quickly as soon as the cow's head was through, and she was then secure. Then you could jab her with syringes, spray her, stick your arm down her vagina to your elbow to see how far along she was with calf (herr dr. vet did this), and finally tagging her ear in accordance with state edicts.

    Only then was and her fellow bovines allowed back into their luscious pastures, to chew their cud and mooooo contentedly until the next round. The sound of it was music to my ears.

    P.S. The cows never went compliantly into this process. They kicked and surged and gave you that wild ass look before they were locked down in the cage.

  3. Enter at your own risk has just as much value now as it ever did! A personal space Caveat Emptor as it were.

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