Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Famed San Francisco Retailer, Gump's, At Risk of Closing Because of Lockdown

San Francisco Mayor London Breed has been among the most lockdown-crazed government officials in the entire country during the COVID-19 panic. Logic and freedom be damned.

The damage she has done to San Francisco, a tourist city, remains uncalculated at this time and is ongoing but it will be severe. And it is all based on draconian lockdown orders that have little in the way of scientific backing.

Indeed, top scientists at Stanford Univesity, just down the road from San Francisco, object to the lockdown, the wearing of masks and other orders implemented by Breed.

And now we learn, the lockdown may result in the closing of the famed Gump's.

The retailer says it will close its San Francisco store and business if it can't reopen by mid-June.

"I'd like to know why we're not open now, fully. I would like to know why people aren't back to work now," said John Chachas, whose family owns Gump's, a 158 year old San Francisco business that dates back to the Gold Rush, reports ABC7 San Francisco.

"I have a couple weeks left of tolerance of this, then we won't have any choice but to close the business," said Chachas, who added, "Gump's survived the great earthquake, the fire, the Great Depression. It's survived so many things. It seems at this moment it can't survive bad policy and that would be tragic."

Chachas cites data that he says shows San Francisco can reopen now. Some of that data is from Covid Act Now, which says COVID patients are using 16% of California's 7,900 ICU beds, 55% of which are unoccupied.

"There's plenty of hospital capacity, so the logic of running this process as though we were facing a giant tsunami of danger for the health care system quite frankly is a fallacy."

Of course, Chachas is attempting to use logic here, and introduce reality, is not the specialty in San Francisco's mayor's office. Just recently at a press conference the mayor cheered on the re-opening of curbside store pick-ups that didn't exist.


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  1. John Chachas, and he do the Calypso too. But seriously, it's refreshing to hear a businessman say what's on his mind and not hand out all that "We're all in this together" crap!