Saturday, December 26, 2020

The EPJ Daily Alert and Coming Out Ahead in 2020

At the post,  If You Didn't Get $12,000 From the Government This Year, Consider Yourself Among the Scammed, The Contractor comments:

Because I am an EPJ subscriber, I got more than $12,000 by profiting off this madness. But to your point, that did not come from money given directly to me free of charge by the banking cartel.

But i am thankful to you. Merry Christmas!

This is correct on two levels. First EPJ Daily Alert readers had a very good year and we were able to come out on the right side of the Great Money Pump (with, hopefully, bigger gains in 2021). 

This doesn't mean those who got direct big chunks of the money pump didn't do even better. As The Contractor pointed out most of us had to do it with our own money rather than money pump money.

But there are some serious players who subscribe to the  EPJ Daily Alert who were able to get decent amounts of the Great Money Pump. To the degree, they put these funds to work following  EPJ Daily Alert guidance they would have also made spectacular gains on top of the money pump money they received.

When there is a central power doling out cash and favors, those close to the central power always have a major edge.


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