Saturday, December 26, 2020

Top 2020 EPJ Posts: Did You Read Them All?

1. The Chinese Plan to Put 300 Million Chinese in Africa and Takeover the Continent (here)

2. This is The Man Who Wants to Rule the World (here)

3. What the Father of Kamala Harris Thinks About Marxism (here)

4. The Real Reason There is a Low Supply of Surgical Masks (here)

5. The Fed Is Setting the Stage for a Major Policy Change That Will Skyrocket Inflation (here)

6. The Center for Disease Control Has Just Changed the Eviction Terms on All Apartment Rental Leases in the United States (It will benefit the big players) (here)

7. The Most Frightening Thing Joe Biden Said Last Night (here)

8. The Absolutely Crazy Details of the COVID-19 "Stimulus" Bill Are Starting to Emerge (here)

9. How To Survive Corporate Idiocy in the Age of George Floyd (and Covid too) (here)

10. WARNING: The European Central Bank is Preparing to Launch a Digital Euro (here)


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