Sunday, October 4, 2009

Top Ten

Most visited posts for the week ended October 3, 2009.

#1 U.S. Government Gold Manipulation Document Declassified

#2 Did the Testimony of Tom Woods Come Too Close to Home for Barney Frank?

#3 The CIA and the Fed?

#4 U.S. Economy Weakened in August, Chicago Fed Says

#5 A Serious Warning From the Federal Reserve about Interest Rates

#6 Is Obama Planning a VAT Surprise for America?

#7 Shock: Inside the Healthcare Bill

#8 States' Quarterly Tax Revenue Plunges 17%

#9 Why Tom Woods Set Off Mel Watt's Voltage

#10 Barney Frank and Ron Paul Opening Remarks at 'Audit the Fed' Hearings

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  1. You were way ahead with your stories only later is any of the mainstream news outlets catching on.