Monday, August 15, 2011

Krugman Calls for Spending to Defend Against Space Aliens (For real)

This is what Keynesianism is all about. Total madness that fails to understand that wealth and a growing economy are created by increased production, not spending on non-existent space aliens.

Put me down as against government spending against non-existent space aliens.

(Thanks 2 Justin Termine and Andre Grillon)


  1. And they call Ron Paul nuts!

  2. Is that a scene from the movie Idiocracy (2006)?

  3. This is fantastic. What a great find. I love stuff like this.

  4. @Capn Mike,

    +1 for that!

    I'd like to say that I can't believe what i just heard, but I did and I do.

    What's so great about this idea from the District of Corruptions perspective is that since the size of the universe is unknown and inconceivably vast, guess what? Unkown and inconceivably large amounts of money would need to be spent in order to protect us. Imagine that!

    Tell'em to start the presses Paul! No "alien" is going to get MY daughters! Oh wait, you just did, didn't you?

    Nuts is right. Go Ron, go!

  5. I'm going to go ahead and exposed myself to the bombs and cat calls headed my way for my thoughts on this:

    #1 I don't see Krugman claiming there are space aliens.

    That being said, we all know that calling for more spending is the rallying cry for more gov't centralization & power...regardless of the reason.

    Krugman is morally bankrupt, we all know that...any reason that serves his agenda is good enough for him.

    #2 I'm one of those people that is "crazy" in that I do believe in "space aliens". I love LRC, I read it obsessively...I know Lew himself scoffs at the notion of such things...and probably most here feel the same.

    I just can't get over the fact that you can go over to youtube, search "ufo" every day and narrow the search to daily uploads and see footage every day from users around the world showing various unexplained orbs and even crafts at times whipping around the globe. I can't get over the evidence of personal sightings like the Zimbabwe school children stuff, etc.

    I find it more compelling than the evidenciary witness stuff around Jesus Christ.

    I just can't bury my head in the sand over the youtube stuff posted every dayd no matter how many times I'm labeled "crazy" for believing there are things floating around our skies we can't explain...that leads me to believe ET's exist...

    Have at me gentleman....but regardless Krugman's a scum and we all know he wants central planning not freedom.

  6. "I'm labeled "crazy" for believing there are things floating around our skies we can't explain...that leads me to believe ET's exist..."

    If you can't explain them, why exactly are you so quick to believe they're aliens? Isn't a more mundane explanation you hadn't thought of (aurora lights, falling debris, camera malfunction, reflection, whatever) far more likely

  7. Anon@10:22,

    No, Krugman did not explicitly claim there are space aliens.

    My own sarcastic comment was not intended to say that he did, but rather to point out that IT'S NOT NECESSARY for him, (or anyone else for that matter), to do so.

    A simple allusion to the idea is all that's needed to get the ball rolling for the big spenders to find justification for why they do what they do or want to do. That is all.

  8. Krugman's point had nothing to do with starting a war. He was saying if it's possible to get employment down to practically 0% with war preparation, the same could be done with doing something productive like a public works program. He's not clamoring for war. I mean he says right there in the video that war is "negative social product spending.

  9. No, anon, you're not crazy. I can't recall the source, but the question was something like this-

    "Which proposition is more frightening- that we aren't alone in the universe...or that we are?"

    I can't imagine that somewhere in this vast universe- the vast majority of which we are totally ignorant- intelligent life has not already evolved. I don't know whether the UFOs reported are alien, but I don't believe we are the sole inhabitants of this realm.

    Dale Fitz

  10. If I understand him correctly, Krugman doesn't necessarily believe in space aliens. He believes that government spending on ANYTHING is the solution to a depressed economy. He disregards the burdensome results of such a policy like massive debt and the regressive effects of inflation.

  11. Has Ken Rogoff heard of China?

    This guy is supposed to be a respected academic?

  12. You're out of the loop, Wenzel. Ridiculous implications of theories no longer leave them glaringly flawed, they now make them deliciously counter-intuitive. Look at the malcolm gladwell. He wrote a book which suggests midgets can dunk so long as they spend enough hours on the court and he had to build another garage to accommodate the lorries full of money that keep pulling up to his house.

    The era of attempting to understand shit is over.

  13. Yes, Taylor, that is what I heard in the clip - a barely veiled suggestion that a massive Cold War-ization of China by the US would solve the problems of the US economy. But since Krugman is such a cupie doll, no one will rhetorically contort "space aliens" into "Chinese" in order to prove Krugman is a bigoted imperialist war-monger, and besides, Krugman then wags the dog by adding, "and then discovering we made a mistake and there is no threat." It's just that simple when you look down at the world from the ivory tower. This is one of Krugman's Ferris Wheel Scenes - he doesn't care how many dots down there stop moving.

  14. Ellis Wyatt,

    Your interpretation is interesting and I had missed it. I was trying to point out that Rogoff's theory that the problem of solving depressions comes down to the QUALITY of government spending, rather than the QUANTITY, seems flawed and imbecilic when looking at a country like China. Rogoff says there is no debt overhang problem if the expenditures are productive. Then, what is going on in China?

    Oh, but I am sure this can be explained away by the fact that China wasn't in a depression before it began it's spending, so, completely different situation, requires a different theory, etc. etc.

    These people give me a headache.